Alumini Association

The college is having an active Alumni organizing several programmes every year. Members give valuable information about the changes to be needed in the curriculum and in the functioning of the college from their experience. The out gone students are the major personalities to benefit from the changes and so their suggestion and queries are given high priority. Need assessment Performa is given to alumni members and to the ongoing students to express the needs in a meaningful manner. The needs are categorized along with that of the faculty members and then the academic experts help us to frame action strategies for comprehensive solution formation.


President - Dr. Sajith C.Raj (Principal)
Vice President - Dr.Shyju G J(2009-10,Physical Science Optional)
General Secretary - Mr.Prabin I. Bose (2006-07, Mathematics Optional)
Joint Secretary - Mr. Manoj Kumar(2010-11, Social Science Optional)
Joint Secretary - Mrs. Shiji M.(2010-11. Physical Science Optional)
Treasurer - Mrs. Binitha Das, Asst. Prof in Physical Science


  1. Mr.Giftson A.W. (2009-10, Social Science Optional)
  2. Mr.Ronald Rose S.L. (2009-10, Physical Science Optional)
  3. Miss. Vidhya S. Babu (2010-11, English Optional)
  4. Mrs.Smitha A. Rose (2010-11, Physical Science Optional)
  5. Mr. Anandakuttan (2008-09, Social Science Optional)
  6. Mr.John Prasad G.S. (1996-97, Social Science Optional)
  7. Mr.Vinod Roy R.K.(1996-97,Social Science Optional)


  1. Mr. Subin I Bose, Education
  2. Mrs. Sharmila Prasad D, Social Science
  3. Mrs. Saphia.L, Natural Science
  4. Mrs. Sheeja C, Mathematics
  5. Mrs. Divya P V English
  6. Mr. Anil Raj B S, Director of Physical Education
  7. Miss. Arsha S (Librarian)
News and Events
  • CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS 2019 Christmas celebration of the College is on Friday 20th December. Food Fest, Christmas card making competition, star making competition, Carol song competition, Old age home visit etc are the major programmes.
  • Admission Started B.Ed & M.Ed Admission started
09- Dec- 2019