The College is having a beautiful, calm and serene campus which spreads in 5 acres.Totl built up area for the course is 2612 sq.mts. There are 6 class rooms, 2 multipurpose halls and a seminar room. Well established laboratories are set up for all optional subjects. In addition to these there is an established ICT lab and a Psychology lab. A ladies hostel that can accommodate nearly 25 inmates is also functioning in the campus.

Laboratory Facilities

We have laboratory facilities for all the optional subjects and also an ICT lab and a Psychology lab. The facilities are provided as per NCTE and University Guidelines.

  1. ICT Lab – This Lab have a 2 Photocopiers, 3 Printers, Scanner,1 Video Camera,5 LCD Projectors, DVD writer and various soft ware to run all these ICT based tools. All our faculty members implement directly or indirectly ICT based activities in their curricular interaction.
  2. Psychology Lab – The lab is having Test materials to conduct more than 30 experiments. The test materials include Testing of Intelligence ( both verbal and non-verbal ),Test of Personality, Memory Test, Transfer of Learning, Test of Aptitude, Attitude, Interest ,Self confidence etc.
  3. Mathematics Lab – Mathematics is essentially a subject, where doing is more important than reading. In Mathematics laboratory all essential items concerning the learning activities in Mathematics are kept. It also provides facilities for laboratory work. Mathematics laboratory serves not only as a laboratory but also as Mathematics resource room and Mathematics Museum.
  4. Physical Science Lab
  5. Social Science Lab
  6. Natural Science Lab

Library Facility

The College is having a well established library with nearly 6093 books, 22 sets of Encyclopaedia, 95 Dictionaries and 475 reference books. We are subscribing 10 journals and the collection of CD exceed 250 in number. We also have membership of N-LIST and is eligible to access more than 3100 e-journals and 75000 e-books. Library remain open from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm on all working days.

News and Events
  • INTERCOLLEGIATE SPORTS FEST 2020 A two days Intercollegiate sports is organized on 17th & 18th of January 2020. On 17th Throw Ball competition for Women and on 18th A Cricket tournament for both Men & Women will be conducted.
  • Inauguration of unit of CACEE of University of Kerala The Centre for Adult Continuing Education and Extension of University of Kerala has sanctioned it's unit in our College. The inauguration of this unit will be done by Rev. Dr. Gnanadas, Vice Chairman of the Diocese on 9th January 2020 at 11.00am
  • CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS 2019 Christmas celebration of the College is on Friday 20th December. Food Fest, Christmas card making competition, star making competition, Carol song competition, Old age home visit etc are the major programmes.
  • Admission Started B.Ed & M.Ed Admission started
10- Dec- 2023